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Content Marketing Updated on: Jan 30, 2020

Code Or Content. Each Team Member Should Be Writing Daily

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When you’re building a fast growing software company, you need to ship two things to fuel everything else. Code that turns into your product, and Content to drive Awareness, Consideration, Conversion and Loyalty.

Writing is every team member's job. You either check-in Code every day (see here if you want to know why), or you ship a piece of content daily. Not sure what to write about? Here are some ideas:

  • Customer Success: Ask your customers how they are using the product and why that’s important for them? After they answer, ask what that is important. While you get to the root of the real business value of using your solution, you’ll uncover great reasons to use your technology that are at the core of what customers care about.
  • Sales: Write about how your solution can do something those alternatives cannot. If you can sell it, you should be able to write about it. Even if you have the write about the same things a few times, add a twist and talk about how it helps a certain type of customer, in a vertical industry, or who faces a certain challenge.
  • Tech Support: Write about tips and tricks to solve a knows issue. Write about a question you answered that day that helped a user get more value from your product. Chances are other users can benefit from that as well
  • Marketing: Write about your customer's pain, their fears and dreams. Write about how you can help them get the gains they expect from your solution. Tell stories about the everyday value that your customers get from your solution. Pick a topic every day until you’ve solved all the questions and needs of your clients.
  • Engineering: Write Code, Code, and more Code. Don’t talk too much about the writing Code. Write it and check-in the Code every day.

Writing every day does not mean that everything you write will be good. Google will take care of that problem for you. If it’s not very good, it’s not very likely going to rank very high in search results. But chances are that your team comes up with things your audience really finds useful. You don’t know when you’ll strike Content Gold until it happens.


Ship, Ship, Ship. And keep on Shipping.

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