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6 Proven Call-to-Actions For Your Landing Pages

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When you have gotten people’s attention, and they landed on your blog or landing page, it’s critical to engage them to the next step. What can you offer of value? Here are some simple, yet proven ideas:

  1. Ask or help - People love to make a difference. Appeal to your audience's expertise or experience and ask them to participate in a survey, research study or by providing feedback. Consider providing an incentive like a $5 gift card if you’re asking people to spend significant time on this engagement.
  2. A free consultation to discuss the challenges your prospect faces. Make this about real value. Offer an hour of your time where you don’t sell, but will provide free advice based on your expertise and help your prospect with their challenges. This works better if you have content that you can offer as well to showcase your expertise and credibility in the field.
  3. An invite to an exclusive webinar - Assuming you know what your audience is interested in (given what they did to get to this landing page), you should be able to offer a compelling “special” webinar to go deep on the topic, bring in an expert and have a great Q&A with your audience.
  4. Send something relevant - Do you have insights or a report that your audience would really value? Or a template that they can use to make their jobs easier? If it’s a really valuable tool this can drive a great next step in the engagement.
  5. A tool/calculator to provide instant insights - This can be a calculator to get insights about the size of a problem. It can be a tool to estimate the size of a problem or opportunity.
  6. Give a real gift - For example, “Join Free for a Month”, or a discount to your service that has a time expiration.

More examples here.

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