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Content Marketing Updated on: Apr 5, 2024

5 Steps To Recruit Your Content Creation Team

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Building your own Content Marketing team to rely on is strategic for any Marketing function to scale. You need people who can turn customer interviews into case studies, write ad copy, emails, and thought leadership content. I've found it very valuable to create a "stable" of go-to freelancers to keep things fresh and to always have a few people to rely on when other writers are not available.

Here are some ideas to build up your virtual content marketing team:

  • Determine the top 15 keywords you are trying to rank for (how to do this?)
  • Now search in Google for each of these 15 keywords and find the best three pieces of content that rank organically (that is not just "selection" content like Capterra, but education and content that provides good objective info).
  • Now find the writers of these pieces and get their linked-in profiles and emails.
  • Reach out to these writers and ask if they're open to doing freelance work, or are interested in what you have to offer for the content they can own themselves (and they can interview you).
  • Keep doing the above a few times per year and build a long list of short-form, long-form copywriters, and investigative writing specialists (journalists) who can start filling up your content calendar. Variety is great, and ideally, you build up a history with a few of these writers, so they get to know your brand voice and your audience.

The above are great tasks to delegate to your Marketing Bot (if you don't have one yet, you should consider getting one).

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