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Strategy & Planning Updated on: Nov 9, 2020

5 Steps to Move Beyond Random Acts of Marketing as You Scale

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As SaaS companies grow from start-up to scale-up mode there’s a substantial emphasis on sales and operational excellence, often accompanied by “random acts of marketing” that consume resources but don’t move you forward.

These random acts come in many forms: time-bound quotas for posts or press releases, outbound campaigns that get eyeballs but no leads, lopsided emphasis on social, or a basic website that doesn’t differentiate you – to name a few. If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to think about a different approach.

Start moving beyond random acts by following these five steps: 

  1. Get the Facts
    It’s important to understand your company, your competitors, and your customers, insights that add up to a knowledge base for good marketing decisions. This need not be a slow or overly complicated process, and it’s foundational to help you move away from unconsidered tactics.
  2. Define Your Strategy
    Articulate your goals and develop supporting strategies to serve as a guide to focus on the highest-value prospects, offers, channels to market, and positioning to propel your growth and ignite your company’s engine for sustained success.
  3. Create Valuable Content
    When you create content, think from the outside in. What does your brand stand for? What value do you bring to customers? Use each marketing opportunity to help define positioning and create an emotional connection that resonates with your clients, influencers, investors, and employees.
  4. Focus and Execute
    Prioritize your internal and external resources, tools, and tactics. Do fewer things better. Home in on the right channels to reach your customers. Stick to your plan but adjust on the fly and be opportunistic within reason to make the most of a dynamic market.
  5. Measure & Refine
    Define your KPI’s upfront, then adjust your programs to make sure your marketing investments are paying off by elevating your brand and supporting customer acquisition and retention.

We can help you replace random acts of marketing with a strategy that informs growth-generating tactics. With focus, you’ll create high-value programs to improve market visibility, better connect with customers, and propel growth as you scale your business.

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