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Strategy & Planning Updated on: Mar 23, 2022

5 actionables to keep your HubSpot CRM clean

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Keeping your CRM clean is essential to reach business process optimization. From tracking the proper metrics, or conversion optimization and attribution, a clean CRM clean also ensures that all contacts receive follow-up communications and nurture prioritization for who needs the most attention.

Importantly, keeping your CRM clean allows all departments and people in your organization to have visibility into the lead pipeline, where leads are coming from, while shedding light on the areas of your contact nurturing that need improvement.

To help you with your CRM, the Kalungi team has come up with this guide highlighting 5 actionable steps that will maintain your CRM squeaky clean.

Let’s dig in! 

1. Make changes after every interaction

When you own a contact, it’s your responsibility to make sure that all its information is up to date and accurate. Some of the fields you should regularly check include:

  • Lifecycle Stage
  • Lead Status
  • Persona

As the contact naturally moves through the sales cycle, you should update these at the end of every communication point that changes the stage of the lead.

WARNING: If you want to do it at a later point, I highly recommend setting a reminder.

2. Assign contact owners in your CRM

A very important property of keeping a clean CRM  at the contact level is the contact owner --who is the person responsible for maintaining that contact record updated and correct?

The contact owner should also update lead status and lifecycle stage fields, and add any other relevant notes and tasks for follow-up from your conversations

3. Hold each contact owner accountable

At Kalungi, we believe in extreme ownership. 

If you’re the only one updating your contact records in the company, keeping your CRM clean will be a massive lift. When divided, updating and maintaining records can take only a few minutes a week to a day, depending on how involved you are with the contacts.

4. Update your CRM weekly 

Every week you should review your list of active contacts. Ask yourself ”who is due for a follow-up? Who should be moved from this stage?”

We do this because prospects can go cold at any time, and you need to clean those up weekly to make sure that the CRM is clean.

5. Use HubSpot’s notes feature 

Use the notes tab at the contact record level to include any relevant information about that contact. 

Notes can help you quickly include any specific information about that contact’s situation, at Kalungi, we like to include recordings and discovery call notes so everyone in the company can access the contact records and see all previous communication history, and relevant information regarding that contact.

So there you have it, if you execute these 5 actionable steps your CRM will have actual, accurate and useful information to help your organization across all departments.

Whether it’s providing you the ideas on what channels to focus the most or to help you keep track of your contacts moving across the journey, a clean CRM is just helpful across the board. In case you have any questions about this article, don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail to armando.nabas@kalungi.com or to start a Chat on our home page.

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