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Simply put, Josh Rosenthal and Sigalit Tsadok had created a revolutionary product. There was only one problem. The co-founders didn’t know how to market it. So begins the PermitDocs and Kalungi story.


PermitDocs: the one platform that does it all

PermitDocs is a software platform that gives architecture, construction, engineering and real estate professionals quick access to property information and zoning codes. In short, everything they need for land use and development all in one place.

“For industry professionals working in a county like San Diego,” Sigalit explained, “there are 21 different municipalities they have to go through for zoning and code information. They either have to call city hall, go to municipal sites, contact other professionals, or rummage through hundreds of websites. With PermitDocs, it can all be done in one platform.”

A big need for marketing, a bigger one for customers

PermitDocs’ first customers came from Josh’s contacts within the industry. Marketing consisted of Google ads. To grow the company, more effective marketing was needed to reach better targeted prospects.

“What we really needed was a marketing strategy that would drive the professionals in our markets to PermitDocs,” said Josh.

“We were looking for a company that would specifically meet our needs and provide us with both a chief marketing officer and an entire marketing team,” recalled Sigalit. “We wanted a partner that could be an extension of the PermitDocs team.”

Enter Kalungi

“We were introduced to Kalungi by a mentor we knew in San Diego and found they specialized in B2B SaaS companies. They have a full-service marketing function which includes content, graphics, digital marketing, and all the different channels and avenues to do with marketing.

“We chose Kalungi because we felt they would give us the best leg up to go to market with their specialty of scaling B2B SaaS marketing to growth.” 

Alex Chua, an Associate Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and his Kalungi team helped PermitDocs build their go-to-market strategy and put together their marketing funnel and toolsets. With Kalungi’s proven methodology, PermitDocs was able to develop a long-term marketing strategy, from brand messaging to building their ideal customer personas.

“Alex makes sure that everything going on behind the scenes is managed, and ensures the work gets done,” Josh continued. “I get regular updates and a helping hand in any questions I have with everything to do with our marketing strategy. Any time I ever need him, he’s always available and a slack away.”

Kalungi: delivering marketing that delivers results

Sigalit went on to say, “Since engaging Kalungi, we’ve been really successful. I’ve been very happy with our progress. We get somewhere between five to six user signups a day, and it’s only been about two months since we’ve had the beta in the market available. We’ve been able to sign up users much more rapidly than I would have thought.

“Coming from a technology background, I’ve always experienced a little tension between product development and marketing. As president of our company, this is a new experience for me to truly appreciate and embrace marketing. Kalungi has made it very easy for me to do that. They’ve been almost hand-holding me through the process, which has been delightful.”

“To those thinking of bringing Kalungi on board. You won’t be disappointed. They work really hard to understand your specific market, and any problems you need solving. They look for the right solution for your company at whatever stage you’re in.” 

Josh agreed, saying, If you're looking for a full-service B2B SaaS marketing agency that you can trust, spend your dollars wisely with, and get a very strong return on, I would definitely recommend Kalungi.” 

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