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5 Simple Questions To Hire A SaaS CMO

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  1. What would you change about our website? (this gets to positioning, messaging, audience engagement, demand gen and PR)
  2. How would you segment our customers? How would you find more customers? (understanding of the market, product, the business you're in and growth strategy)
  3. How do you approach content marketing? (content marketing is both the most undervalued, overhyped, misunderstood and over-complicated part of modern marketing, and this question should yield at least an interesting perspective)
  4. What would your 30-60-90 day plan look like? How do you think about that? (what does she prioritize? Does she/he understand your needs/opportunities? Can your candidate hit the ground running?)
  5. What are the key KPIs on your Marketing Dashboard? (accountability and impact)

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