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3 Key Focus Areas To Drive Down Churn

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The best way to address SaaS churn is to focus on creating what some of us call "Engaged Advocates". Here are some metrics and ideas to address all three in parallel:

Engaged Advocates do the following three things. 

  1. Use
    1. KPIs: Frequent logins. Do they call your support line? Are they entering data? (this drives stickiness)
    2. Drivers: Create an on-boarding program. Share tips to get more out of the product in weekly newsletters. Have your Customer Success team check in.
  2. Like
    1. KPIs: NPS (Net Promoter Score), Up-sell (do they buy more?)
    2. Drivers: Customer Services, The right plan for the right customer
  3. Share that they like your product
    1. KPIs: Referrals, References, Testimonials
    2. Drivers: Ask for referrals, make it easy to share reviews, write up case studies

If you can get your customers to USE, LIKE and SHARE you're on your way to great churn reduction.

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