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Updated on: May 16, 2023

4 quick tips to create an effective B2B survey

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Trying to get survey responses at work is no easy task. From overflowing inboxes to jam-packed calendars, internal or external B2B surveys often sit unanswered by the majority of people. 

So how can you create surveys that people actually want to take? Follow these four quick, effective tips next time you're building a B2B survey. 

1. Survey yourself first for clear goals and expectations

Data is one of the most valuable resources for any marketer. However, it’s useless if you don’t know what to do with it. Before you create your survey for your intended audience, you need to ask yourself why you are creating your survey and what information you want to get out of it.

Outline the questions you're answering and the responses you'll provide to ensure the questions are actually giving you the data you need. 

2. Ask questions relevant to your target audience

To ensure your audience stays engaged while taking your survey, prevent yourself from sounding selfish and ask questions your readers may be asking themselves! Conduct some search engine research and ask the questions you think your audience may be asking themselves and take note of what information is missing from the existing articles. 

3. Pre-notify your audience

There are countless surveys out there and even more than that countless emails. Don’t bombard your audience with a sequence of emails to reminding them as this can come off pushy, annoying, and will give you a one-way ticket to their spam folder.

4. Personalize your survey request

Anytime a request is made you can bet that your reader will ask WIIF (What’s in it for me). Grab your target audience’s attention by leading with what they have to gain from filling out your survey. This could be promising a report of your findings or offering a gift card to those who fill out your survey.

Next steps for your B2B Survey

Thanks for reading! To find out more about B2B surveys, check out this blog on B2B SaaS market research. 

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