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Content Marketing Updated on: Mar 15, 2024

5 Questions To Screen A SaaS Content Marketing Agency

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Do you get emails from Content-focused SaaS Marketing agencies that want to help you with their superpowers? While I recommend you send most emails from your average list-builder straight to your trash can, I think a Content Agency warrants a response.

Here is a template to use to get them to:

  • Proof they are worth your time
  • Let them give you some valuable free advice

Here's a draft email response:

Hi <Name>,

I’m open to a conversation. As you can imagine I get many emails like yours every day.

Can you please do the following before we set up a call?

- Check out my website, <URL> and summarize what you think the value proposition is, and the audience (“What’s it for?” and “Who’s it for?”).

- Please propose 5 topics that your team would do a great job to create content that stands out, gets good engagement (time-on-page, low bounce rate, readers sharing it with others).

- Tell me what google search the 5 topics would be answering? How would it help my audience? What other content is now showing up for that Google search and why would your content rank better over time?

- How much would it cost to create these 5 pieces as a pilot?

- Include some examples of some of your best writers, writing content in the same style as you these 5 pieces, so I can get a sense of the quality and style of writing.

As you understand, I’m serious about content, and I’m happy to consider working together. If you can do the above, let’s schedule time together and you have yourself a serious prospect and we can be in business pretty quick. I completely understand if you don’t want to invest in the above, and in that case, let’s just leave it at this email (please just respond “not interested”).



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