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3 Lead Magnets Every SaaS Company Needs

Stijn Hendrikse
Apr 5, 2019, 7:00:00 AM

You're getting some traffic to your site. Your emails are getting opened. Now you have to make sure you convert people when they land on your site.

Most marketing teams fail to do the relatively easy work of creating a simple offer (aka lead magnet) early for each of the three phases of the buyers journey. Here are some simple ideas to get started: 

Top-of-Funnel (Awareness)

Create a simple assessment for your audience to determine if they need your help. You can come up with some basic questions that allow your visitors to "rate" themselves and see if they are forgetting something they should be doing, or that helps them think about the quality of their current solution.

An example would be a survey that reads "10 questions to see how your customer loyalty program stacks up".  The 10 questions could simply generate a score, and potentially a follow up offer to discuss the results in a free consult.

Middle-of-Funnel (conversion)

Offer a real objective comparison between you and your top competitors in your category. Provide an honest comparison. Invest time to really investigate the competition and share insights that your prospects cannot find on other sponsored websites. Your are, after all, an expert in this category.

Provide good content that helps people make an educated decision. Creating this content also allows you to see how you stack up and how you can improve your own value proposition and positioning if you don't show up well.

After you establish credibility by providing this type of content you can offer a free consultation (aka a value added sales call) to help your prospect understand their needs.

Bottom-of-Funnel (Sales)

Here you have to offer something of substantial value.  This should be worth doing, since these prospects have made it deep into your funnel. Things like a free pilot, a custom built demo or a free consult that includes a real deliverable often work well.

Key is to provide something of value that can stand on it's own, without requiring customers to also take the next step and buy your product.

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