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B2B SaaS Marketing Snacks

A snack-sized marketing podcast for B2B SaaS company leaders

Short-form marketing strategies (the playbook), frameworks, and tactical advice (the plays) for CEOs, searchers, and marketing leaders of early-stage B2B software (SaaS) companies. Go from MVP to PMF, then scale fast.

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Content plays for different buyer stages

A marketing revenue waterfall model

OKRs for a marketing team


Episode 14

How big or small should your niche be? What’s the smallest viable market? ...And how should you know which segment of the market to focus on?

Episode 13

The right CMO is versed in both the art and science of marketing and excels in three core areas: marketing leadership, marketing management, and marketing ROI. Let's unpack.

Episode 12

Your first marketing hire(s) will depend on what you already do well and what pieces you're missing. Interns can be a great opportunity at this stage.

Episode 11

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are great for connecting day-to-day projects with long-term business goals. These are our go-to OKRS for a marketing function.

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Episode 10

Brand trust is the most important aspect of a B2B SaaS startup’s brand. How is it different from brand recognition, brand awareness, and brand recall?

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Episode 9

How to use CAC together with the revenue waterfall model for revenue modeling, budgeting, and measuring marketing's impact on the bottom line.

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Episode 8

What should you put on your marketing dashboard? How do make sure your dashboard is more than just “checking the box” and actually drives meaningful outcomes?

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Episode 7

Before you get to product-market fit, you need to test your go to market hypotheses. Here's a 5-step framework to help you execute quick GTM tests.

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Episode 6

Our quick-start rules for B2B content. Content marketing shouldn't be complicated. Start by simply answering your customers' questions, then work your way up the buyer's journey.

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Episode 5

Is it ever too early to invest in marketing? Sometimes. Ramp up your marketing efforts as soon as you have product-market fit (PMF). But how do you measure product-market fit?

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Episode 4

CMOs get fired more than any other leadership role in the C-suite. Most of it comes down to misaligned expectations – here are the pitfalls for marketing leaders joining growing software companies.

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Episode 3

Before you can shift your product, you need to understand the differences between your current customer base and the one you want to have – and the implications it has for your company. 

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Episode 2

You just started as a marketing leader, how do you prioritize the marketing initiatives? First, do a gut check—clarify the status of your current marketing function. Then, ask how your marketing team can get closer to revenue.

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Episode 1

Welcome! This series is dedicated to helping you become an expert in marketing so you can grow your software company's revenues quickly and set the foundation for long term marketing growth. 

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