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Kalungi helps B2B SaaS Marketing Professionals learn, share, and drive growth for their companies and their careers. This is a place to build on work others have already done for you.  

 Nearly 80 percent of small to mid-range B2B software companies share similar marketing needs, our goal is to distribute information which helps the driving forces behind software growth and build the best marketing community.

Co-founder and CEO

Fadi George

With 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Fadi's been working to deliver strategic and tactical marketing for national and global B2B brands.

He has helped companies improve their digital strategies, streamline processes, and get more visibility into marketing performance. Though attribution insights and by taking an experimental approach to marketing, he’s helped clients be more intelligent and intentional with marketing spend, lower customer acquisition cost (CAC), and generate more revenue.

With his ability to guide marketing teams, execute with technical precision, and turn analytics data into stories to communicate results, Fadi has helped brands to grow and scale with world-class SEO, SEM, marketing automation, attribution modeling, and reporting.

He applies the same level of care and precision to clients’ businesses as if they were his own—which is why his work has generated over $100M in lifetime revenue for various brands around the world.

Executive Assistant

Jackie St Pierre

Jackie is a highly professional Executive Assistant providing ongoing business support in project management, client relations, content creation, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping and more.

With over 15 years’ experience of high-level business administration, Jackie is sure to be one step ahead in planning as well as anticipating your needs.


Gary Graf

As a copywriter, Gary has worked in LA, NY and Seattle with such agencies as BBDO, Cole & Weber, and McFarland Richards And Graf. Gary’s portfolio includes naming companies, creating brand positions, developing multimedia campaigns, introducing new technologies, and even writing books.

He’s worked in many industries, from the proverbial soup (Campbell's Chunky) to nuts (Chukar Cherries), with stops at health care, technology, finance, food, entertainment, hotels, travel, and more along the way.

Gary has had the great privilege of working for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Apple Computer, Boeing and Weyerhaeuser. He’s even worked for The Big Cheese himself, Mickey Mouse, while at Walt Disney Productions.

Being well-versed in digital, print, collateral, broadcast, strategic/creative platforms, B2B and website content, he can translate information into conversation, creating brand stories that define companies and motivate customers.

Associate CMO

Brian Graf

Brian serves as an Associate CMO at Kalungi. He brings with him sales operations and marketing experience in the television advertising and media placement industries as well as an MBA from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. Throughout his career, Brian has done everything from data analytics and campaign optimization, to strategic brand positioning and communication strategies, helping companies position themselves in the marketplace, understand their customers better, and drive revenue by communicating to the right people.

At Kalungi, Brian works with companies to help them discover their marketing potential. Through high-level strategy and day-to-day management, Brian helps B2BSaaS companies scale their marketing departments the right way, enabling them to acquire the highest value customers, minimize churn, and drive ARR.

Data Scientist

Bruno Ueda

Bruno is Kalungi's Data Scientist and ABM specialist. With a background in Industrial engineering, he has worked in multiple roles at different startups providing guidance and assistance to customers and teams in building strategies as technical solutions to address specific needs.

With over 8 years of experience in Market Research, Consumer Insights, Ethnographic research both in the US and the UK, Bruno is able to jump into any project and help them obtain data-driven insights, setup integrations and improve their outreach efforts.

Marketing Associate

Khrystian Keu

Khrystian is the muscle behind the Kalungi website. He manages the community, content, and development of new B2B SaaS Marketing Tools. He supports SaaS CMOs who rely on Kalungi to get connected with best practices and specialists.

Khrystian is certified in every type of digital marketing that comes to mind (e.g., Hubspot and other email platforms, Google’s toolset, various SEO Tools) and is experienced building the marketing foundation needed by B2B SaaS Startups.

Marketing Associate

Nassim Loukil

Nassim is a UW student finishing up his last year as an Economics major. He helps with a range of tasks, from designing and maintaining the website layouts, styles, and content to helping with SEO, Hubspot, Google tools and metrics.

Associate Marketing Manager

Gabriela Benitez

Gabriela serves as an Associate Marketing Manager at Kalungi, she manages a great variety of projects for our customers and supports to our team in its primary and administrative duties while assessing the effectiveness of the team efforts.

With around a year of experience as a manager, she is also learning the best marketing strategies and techniques in today’s marketing methodologies in the Saas industry from Kalungi’s mentors.

She loves software, so she passionate about learning every day a bit more on how to help companies the industry grow exponentially.

Video Editor

Xavier Uzcategui

Xavier Uzcategui is a Video Editor and Sound/Motion Graphics Designer who has worked in feature films and documentaries.

Xavier spent seven years serving as the post-production coordinator for a local tv station in Venezuela. At the same time, he worked as a freelancer for independent documentaries and short films. Currently taking a Masters Degree in Audiovisual Arts in Chile, he aspires to continue learning about video content creation and engage in the making of documentaries and features in all forms.

Xavier also has experience creating branded content designed to push products and services out in to the world, like animated explainer videos, demos, educational content, advertising, tutorials, and testimonials.

Social Media Maven

Dennise Zavalla

Dennise has worked with a variety of brands in social media, from fashion to construction. Her skills include content writing, graphic design, web design, project management, and customer service.

As a member of the Kalungi creative team, she creates social media content for clients, ensuring that everything is “on brand.” In addition, Denise serves our clients through Kalungi's customer support services.

"Virtual" Product Director

Lauren Morgan

Being in multiple roles, places, and states in the digital world at a time, one of Lauren’s responsibilities is to connect with the Kalungi audience and support the community. She turns what she finds into tools and best practices and “Productizes” the building blocks of a Modern SaaS Marketing team.

She is a virtual person who constantly is A/B testing her profile and communication techniques to help B2B SaaS companies. Behind her are the people who make up the Invisible Assembly line, including Michiel.

Invisible Marketing BOT

Michiel de Ruyter

As many repetitive marketing execution tasks can be automated, Kalungi relies on the “digital assembly line” at Invisible Technologies. As such, Michiel is our lead bot. Along with virtual employee Lauren, Michiel works with other outsourced marketing services to get many of the Kalungi tools and best practices optimized and performed at unprecedented price levels.

Michiel was named after the Dutch Admiral who excelled in empowering his troops with ultimate decision-making power, driving efficiency and autonomous execution.


Stijn Hendrikse

Stijn has served as the SaaS CMO or CEO for over 10 startup companies, including MightyCall, Atera, LeadCrunch, and Acumatica. From his experience he’s helped found Kalungi, a marketing company specializing in taking B2B SaaS startups to market, to support his work as Chief Outsiders Fractional CMO.

 Stijn brings a proven recipe—a combination of tools, strategies and best practices—to B2B software companies that all need the same building blocks to get their marketing function to scale. Services run the marketing gamut, from product marketing and positioning to strong demand gen and building a scalable digital footprint.

Stijn’s leadership builds credibility, drives brand awareness, and makes a small company look big. For mid-market technology companies, Stijn applies his considerable positioning, branding, messaging, and pricing expertise to accelerate revenue growth. He deftly leads the transformation to digital and inbound marketing with customer insights and data-driven execution.

Prior to his work as Chief Outsider CMO, Stijn led Global SMB Marketing and B2B Product Marketing for Office 365 at Microsoft. He also served as the Interim VP Marketing for Group Health during its acquisition by Kaiser Permanente, and as CMO for Fluke Digital Systems, building the first global marketing team for the Accelix IIoT Solution.

Other Marketing Specialists

Marketing is a broad discipline that spans from Art to Science. While you will not have a need for all the below skills on an ongoing basis, you do need some of these for specific projects.

We bring a network of trustworthy, proven professionals who all have experience supporting SaaS Marketing Teams.

We don't subcontract any resources for you. We are your CMO, and as such, we will hire any contractors or vendors for you as we would be on your payroll. We don't get commission from people we recommend, and we also consider any other great candidate.

Our network is just there to speed things up as needed. These are all real people we know and who have proven themselves on our teams.

SEM Specialist
SEO Specialist
Conent Marketing
Strategy and Positioning
Product Design
Social Media
Strategy & Go-To-Market
Product Management
Market Research
Analyst Relationships
Design and Branding
Billing & Activation Systems
Pitching & Finding the Messaging
Channel & Partner Development
Video Production
Movie Director
Case Studies
Event Planning
Customer Voice
Web Developer

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