CPGvision's organic sessions rose 48% in six months with Kalungi’s SEO approach

PSignite, a seasoned SaaS solutions provider with over 20 years of experience, acquired CPGvision, a top-tier Trade Promotion Management (TPM) suite for consumer-packaged goods companies. Recognizing the need for a stronger digital presence to match their technological expertise, PSignite partnered with Kalungi for SEO enhancement.


6 months

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What Kalungi's SEO team delivered

Keyword research

Content planning and production

Competitor SEO research

On-page optimization

Technical optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increase in organic user count
Increase in organic clicks
Increase in organic impressions
Increase in organic sessions
Increase in organic clicks
Increase in organic impressions

Don't just take our word for it

“Kalungi's SEO content team set out to accomplish dominance in our space in a short time-frame. By collaborating with our SMEs and applying an aggressive and comprehensive approach to content creation and optimization we were able to reach our goals quickly and effectively. Not only are we driving prospects to our website, but they are spending significant time exploring our content. We have gained visibility and credibility through this effort.”

The challenge

CPGvision's website faced low organic traffic and limited engagement, primarily on its homepage. The site's reliance on branded keywords restricted its reach, failing to attract a broader audience actively seeking trade promotion solutions.

The objective

The primary goal was to boost organic traffic and enhance search engine rankings for key service-related keywords, thereby increasing online visibility and conversion rates.

Understanding the ambitious objectives, Kalungi proposed a holistic solution encompassing various aspects of SEO, content strategy, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). This comprehensive approach was designed not only to increase traffic but also to ensure that this traffic was of high quality, engaged with the content, and was more likely to convert.

What Kalungi's SEO team delivered

The partnership wasn't just about tackling the symptomatic issues of web traffic and search engine rankings; it was about strategically positioning CPGvision as the go-to authority in trade promotion intelligence, leveraging organic channels to reflect its industry leadership.

Kalungi provided a comprehensive SEO approach that included:

  • Keyword research: The team dived deep into understanding the industry, the competition, and the target audience to identify a robust set of keywords that CPGvision needed to rank for. This wasn't about chasing the highest volume keywords but about finding those niche, relevant terms that qualified leads were using in their searches. Existing content was then clustered and organized based on these targeted keywords.
  • Content creation: The content team crafted 13 strategic pieces of new, high-quality content. These weren't generic posts; each was a carefully constructed narrative designed to engage audiences at various stages of the buyer’s journey, all centralized around the top 10 identified keywords.
  • Content optimization: Parallel to creating new content, more than 30 existing blog posts underwent rigorous optimization. The metadata, the keyword density, the user readability - every element was enhanced to ensure these posts contributed significantly to the website's keyword ranking goals.
  • Technical SEO: On the technical front, the website underwent a thorough audit and overhaul. Broken and orphaned pages were fixed, images were optimized for quick loading, and the overall site health, as per SEMrush metrics, was boosted to 95%. Additionally, the SEO team acquired relevant backlinks, including a notable one from Wikipedia, to enhance domain authority.
  • CRO: Traffic is only as valuable as its ability to convert, which is why a detailed CRO audit was integral to the strategy. Kalungi identified visitor drop-off points and implemented tactical enhancements to the user experience, ensuring increased traffic would increase conversions.

Quantifiable results for CPGvision

1. Enhanced online visibility

  • The organic user count experienced a substantial rise, increasing by 48.1% over the prior 6-month period. This increase not only signifies more traffic but also underscores the quality, as the users are finding CPGvision organically through search engines, indicating a strong match between the query and the content.

b2b saas seo case study ranking keyword growth

  • Organic clicks, a metric indicative of genuine user interest and engagement, skyrocketed by 93.63%, almost doubling the initial interaction rates.
  • Reflecting the enhanced visibility in SERPs, organic impressions increased by 110.17% over the prior 6 months, meaning that CPGvision's content appeared significantly more often in users' searches.

b2b saas seo case study organic clicks and impressions growth

  • Reflecting the enhanced visibility in SERPs, organic impressions increased by 110.17%, meaning that CPGvision's content appeared significantly more often in users' searches.

2. Increased lead quality and sales pipeline growth

  • Most importantly, the organic marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)—those leads deemed more likely to become customers—increased by 66.66%. To put this in the context of the sales pipeline, assuming an average MQL-to-customer conversion rate, this growth in MQLs suggests a substantial increase in potential revenue.

b2b saas seo case study organic mql growth

Future projections and long-term benefits

Beyond these numbers, CPGvision's enhanced content quality and optimized user experience lay a solid foundation for sustained future growth. They're not just seeing a temporary spike in metrics; they've built a robust digital infrastructure that will continue to attract and engage the right prospects.

With a healthier, more authoritative website, they're likely to see continued improvement in their SERP rankings. This organic growth often leads to a self-perpetuating cycle of increased visibility and traffic.

Additionally, the insights gained from the CRO audit and the subsequent adjustments mean that CPGvision isn't just attracting more visitors, they're offering a better, more conversion-friendly user experience. This optimization bodes well for continued improvements in conversion rates and, by extension, revenue.

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