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Strategy & Planning Updated on: Jul 9, 2023

Three essential dashboards to start your SaaS Marketing campaign

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It’s a story as old as time; sales and marketing must work together for a B2B SaaS company to scale. The sales team needs to develop a system for nurturing marketing qualified leads and closing deals. Marketing teams should provide insights, prospects, pains and gains and provide the best opportunities for your company using the best communication channels available.

If you're a growing SaaS firm trying to acquire a competitive edge, using the power of data is the way to go. This is where a SaaS dashboard comes in.

SaaS businesses have to deal with a very competitive market. SaaS dashboards provide a user-friendly way to discover data-driven patterns, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, make educated decisions, and ultimately lead enterprises toward a bright, wealthy, and profitable future by working with relevant SaaS KPIs.

Achieving goals through dashboard insights

There is a constant flow of information in a B2B SaaS company that requires fast action. So what can you do to help a big lead become unstuck in your funnel?

A well-prepared dashboard enhances data management and enables interpreting your data and communicating your discoveries with key people within and outside your organization quickly and easily.

This article will discuss three essential dashboards: Status, Strategy, and Scrutiny, what you’ll find inside each, and how they can help you achieve your marketing goals.

1. Status

This section focuses on the current state of sales and marketing in its current form. Consider the information that can help you answer questions like but not limited to: How is your sales funnel doing? Where should you cut and run on a business venture that isn't right for you or drains your resources? Is there anything you need to keep an eye on right now? What about the RFP lead you received two days ago? When is the deadline for your proposal? Who's taking the initiative on this?

The goal of Status is to clear any blockages in your funnel that are currently present.

Some items to consider in your Status Dashboard:

  • Lead generation per campaign.
  • Current # of leads per funnel stage.
  • Lead status by owner (Marketing, SDR, Sales).
  • Opens, Clicks, Leads, and MQLs.
  • Sales pipeline by Sales Rep.

status dashboard for marketing campaign saas

2. Strategy

Unlike Status, Strategy refers to how the future state will appear. Channel benchmarks, forecast input, resource and territory planning, campaign strategy, and so on are examples of components that don't change in the short term but do over time.

A few questions you should be able to answer with the information in this Dashboard are: 

  • How are items tracked from specific channels? 
  • Compared to past quarters, how well? 
  • Can you identify the sources of these shifts? 
  • At your next board meeting, what significant data points will you present? 
  • What steps must be made to achieve growth objectives?
Some items to consider in your Strategy Dashboard:

  • Metrics by Marketing Channel.
  • Top campaign performance tracker.
  • Reasons for unqualified leads.
  • Cost per MQL/Acquisition per Channel.
  • ARPU expansion from Nurture Campaigns.

When you have high-quality data and the time to engage in well-informed dialogues about strategy, check-in on these concerns monthly or quarterly.

marketing dashboard saas deep dive

3. Scrutiny

Let's recap! 

  • Status refers to how you keep things going in the present.
  • Strategy refers to how you plan and how to prepare for your future.
  • Now, Scrutiny is how you hold people accountable for tasks, like missed deadlines and assignments.

Set weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals connected with the metrics you will be evaluating performance for, such as outbound leads, discovery calls, and planned demos.

You should know how your team did just as much as they should know what you expect. So don’t just use this dashboard to bury them, but to understand their process and how you can help them achieve the established goals. 

abm dashboard analytics

Dashboards are an excellent method for obtaining insights into your progress and, at the same time, acting on your campaigns. Take the time to understand your process, establish your short and long-term goals, and set up your metrics in order to take advantage of the information provided by your dashboards. Make sure to be able to compile all data available from your marketing campaigns to track progress, measure success, and strategize strategies for the future of the business. 

Check out our guide on how to build up your first marketing dashboard to get started.

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