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Content Marketing Updated on: Jul 10, 2023

How to build SaaS social media marketing guidelines

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Have you ever shared a social media post on your B2B SaaS business profile and seen inconsistencies? Do you have more than one person managing your accounts? 

Chances are, this sounds familiar to you. And with Social media marketing taking over the business-to-business world by storm, the last thing you need is a typo, inconsistent branding or a confusing message. 

But how do you remain consistent throughout your social channels? How can you empower your employees and teams to share your social posts or create content for social?

It’s simple—you need SaaS social media guidelines.

What are social media guidelines for SaaS marketing?

From language consistencies to visual graphics, your company needs a single source of truth of all things social media. 

Your B2B SaaS social media guidelines ensure that all your company members that write and speak about your brand share them in a way that speaks to your image and broader company goals. 

So what should your SaaS social media guidelines include?

How to create social media guidelines for your B2B SaaS company

It may seem like a daunting task, but it can be made simple. Here’s what you should include in your social media guidelines (and no, it’s not just a list of all your social media accounts;).

Your B2B SaaS company overview, goals, and customer personas

This section should include an overview of who you are, what your B2B SaaS company is about, alongside information on your customer persona.

  • Add a short description of your company overview, including your core messaging from your positioning and messaging statement
  • Write a summary of your goals and metrics here (alternatively, you can write your mission statement)
  • Add your customer personas here too, consider placing your customers’ pain points, fears, and dreams to allow your social media team to focus on creating content relevant to your personas.

Messaging consistency


saas social media

This section should include basic messaging and copywriting guidelines for you to use across all social media platforms.

  • Summarize your voice and the tone of your social media presence. Consider adding details with adjectives in bullet point format.
  • Identify your branded hashtags and what context you should use them in
  • Outline your list of brand language rules for social posts and visuals. Consider the type of case, date format, language, etc
  • Identify words and phrases and emojis to avoid  🧐
  • Outline a list of websites you don’t want to share content from (competitors, unreliable sources, etc.)
  • Showcase your content pillars and what topics you’ll want to talk about on social media

Outline your social platforms and types of posts for each


saas social media marketing

This section should include each social platform your B2B SaaS company owns alongside information your employees or social media team will need to share posts successfully.

  • Text rules for each social platform (number of non-branded vs. branded hashtags, character lengths, keywords, etc.)
  • Tagging guidelines (when you should tag company or person, what or where to include the tag, and when to ask for permission)
  • Crediting guidelines (when you credit a source, format for credit, and when you don’t need to credit a source)
  • Types of posts relevant per social channel (specific types of posts to share per social platform to provide variety)
  • Post examples (Share examples of posts you’ve published or templates you have for each type of post)

saas social media marketing

Employee policy and roles

Your company’s social media policy outlines a set of rules for employees on guidance and advice in best and worst-case scenarios on social media. It will provide them with a better understanding of promoting and sharing content on social media.

Here are some best practice examples of social media policy guidelines:

  • Fed-ex
  • Dell
  • Adidas group

Learn more about SaaS social media 

While it may not seem obvious, organic social media marketing at your SaaS business can be one of the most impactful, effective inbound marketing efforts you invest in. Stay consistent in your communication and focus on your audience's needs, then optimize your social media strategy from there. 

Happy posting! 

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