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Demand Generation Updated on: May 3, 2024

Growing back stronger: takeaways from the Spring 2024 SaaSOpen Conference

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Attending a SaaSOpen Conference is a highlight of the professional year: equal parts invigorating, fun and instructional. There’s nothing better than hallways filled with passionate founders who are determined to shape the future of technology and business.

Any SaaS executive, founder or strategist would feel right at home at SaaSOpen. It’s a sold-out twice-annual gathering where the list of big logos goes on and on and on. The atmosphere is charged with energy – a mix of anticipation and excitement – as everybody trades experiences, goals and frictions. 

Alas, I was only able to attend the first day of the March session in Austin due to family commitments. Still, the day left a lasting impression on me and my thoughts on 2024.

Encouraging trends towards sustainable growth

One of the main takeaways from the conference was on-the-ground intel about the current state of the SaaS industry. Despite the common perception that SaaS is in a downturn, the presentations (particularly one by Laura Guerra at Pavilion) painted a picture of robust health, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises. 

Many companies are thriving through acquisitions. In addition, there's a shift towards more sustainable growth practices that prioritize return on investment over the previously go-go "growth at all costs" model.

Immersed in innovation and strategy

The SaaSOpen agenda covered a complete spectrum of topics crucial for any SaaS business. We heard about growth through acquisitions as well as cutting-edge tactics in SEO growth (by ZenBusiness). FounderPath weighed in on where/when to give away equity. The smart equity management tips from leaders like Joaquim Lecha at Typeform and Peter Walker at Carta were especially good. 

Each talk was a deep dive into SaaS management and innovation, including hiring the right team (a session led by our very own Kalungi co-founder Stijn Hendrikse). 

Incorporating AI into everyday business was a constant theme, led by a fascinating talk from Chili Piper. A session by Loom on rapid A/B testing opened new avenues for thinking about conversion rates and customer acquisition. Pavilion offered a broad overview of the SaaS industry, providing a macro perspective that complemented the more focused discussions earlier.

The practical insights were immediate. I walked away from these sessions with a ton of ideas to enhance our operations at Kalungi and improve our offerings to clients, particularly in areas like brand strategy and conversion optimization. 

Power SaaS networking and continued learning

I was flattered to see our T2D3 book in the front row of the conference library alongside other pivotal business strategy books! This just underscores the appeal of continued learning and adaptation in our field. 

Take it from me, SaaSOpen is a must-be-there event for anyone involved in the strategic side of running a SaaS business. The knowledge exchanged is not just theoretical but immediately applicable – and this can significantly influence your SaaS’s company's trajectory. 

I left SaaSOpen more equipped, inspired, and ready to tackle Q2, with a reminder of just how vibrant and alive the SaaS industry continues to be!

If you can, join us this fall in New York City at the next SaaSOpen. 

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