Build your B2B SaaS go to market with a playbook that's done it dozens of times before

A robust 6-month marketing blueprint with guides, templates and examples for building your marketing function at scale. Paired with weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with experienced SaaS marketing leaders, inbound and outbound specialists.

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B2B SaaS leaders

The Kalungi Blueprint is specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies with annual recurring revenue between $500K and 10M.

Group 52-1


You're looking for a proven, low-risk approach to kickstarting scalable marketing efforts in your portfolio companies.

Group 54


You do CMO work on the side of your desk. Or your marketing lead is skilled in one area but needs support to build a full-stack marketing function.

Group 53


You're a T-shaped marketer who needs strategic support from a seasoned marketing leader or to buy-in on a long-term growth plan.


Build and execute your go to market

Balance short-term wins and long-term scale with processes, templates, methodologies and the right sequence. Then build your marketing team with the right talent to take it to the next level.

Nail your niche

Position your product, define a go-to-market strategy, set growth priorities, and create a marketing foundation

Find your ideal customers

Find and reach your best-fit customers with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Capture existing demand

Build a scalable long-term engine to capture existing demand by showing up where prospects are looking


A playbook built in Trello for simple project management

The right sequence

Early stage companies need everything, but have limited resources. Get a clear picture of which initiatives are absolute “needs” vs. “nice to haves”, understand which you need to do right now and which can be postponed.

All-around approach

You need to build for short term growth and long term scale. That means martech, content, inbound, outbound, demand gen, partnerships and everything in between.

Knowledge and resources

Each card has guides, checklists or templates to get your team up and running and fill the gaps where your team is less experienced.

Workshop trello

Program details

Your marketing lead is responsible for leading the charge. We're responsible for coaching them and providing tools for success at each step. Pairing your marketing lead with an advisor who’s executed the playbook across multiple B2B SaaS engagements is the perfect formula for professional growth and business impact

Group 67

The playbook

You'll get full access to our 6-month go-to-market blueprint for B2B SaaS companies, including resources, templates and guides to help you build your marketing foundation.

Group 66

Marketing leader coach

Every situation and person is different. Kalungi will pair your marketing lead with a coach whose experience supplements their skillset and matches your company's marketing needs.

Group 64

Weekly cadence

Weekly 1-on-1 meetings create a rhythm for discussing top priorities and related issues. Video calling lets your marketing lead meet with their advisor from anywhere.

Kalungi team specialists

Subject-matter specialist support

Your marketing lead will come to areas of the playbook where they need additional support from a specialist. We’ll bring in experts from our team to unblock you at dead-ends. Your coach will customize sessions based on your specific challenges or marketing team skill gaps.

A proven toolkit for sustainable marketing success

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I didn’t have the time or expertise to undertake marketing. Kalungi has a very well thought out approach… and the fact that you can get their team on a fractional basis is unbelievable."

Kalungi will take what you have and where you are and bring you where you need to be. They have an extremely well-thought-out process that was evident from our very first question."

Having a great product, we wanted to make sure we didn't miss any crucial stages in our marketing setup. And Kalungi were perfect for the business. They have a strong framework to help SaaS businesses and we will highly consider using them again."

Kalungi has a recipe, resources that we could draw upon, and the willingness to mentor and bring up to steam our in-house marketing people. "

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