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Forecast your growth and return on marketing spend

Before you spend a single dollar on marketing, you need to know how much is “just right.” Where to point the effort? How quick to move? How far to go? 

Using this template for Google Sheets, you can plot your strategy with ease. Adjust your assumptions to generate KPI goals. Plan ahead with confidence for the MQL flow you'll require.

The template makes it easy to experiment with: 
• Sales cycle time
• Customer lifetime in years
• Annual customer/contract value
• Historic pipeline result percentages
• Marketing team expenses
• Martech expenses
• Campaign expenses

Enter your month-by-month anticipated MQL flow to consider a fast, slow or delayed effect from marketing. See how the template reacts with different measures of short term and long term return on investment (ROI).

Some companies require a lot of MQLs to meet their revenue targets, while others just need to land a few. Using this template, you will know exactly what is needed and when

Download the Marketing ROI template

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