One Click Contractor saw a 164% increase in organic MQLs with Kalungi’s content plan

Designed for home improvement businesses of all sizes, One Click Contractor is a residential construction estimating solution that helps measure, estimate, and manage sales processes, finances, and more. After recognizing a need to increase new online traffic sources and to provide a streamlined user experience, One Click Contractor partnered with Kalungi to rebuild their website and create a content marketing plan to drive traffic to the new website.


6 months

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What Kalungi's team delivered

Keyword research

Content planning and production

Competitor SEO research

On-page optimization

Technical optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increase in organic user count
Increase in organic clicks
Increase in organic impressions
Increase organic user sessions
Increase in organic MQLs
Increase in subscribers

Don't just take our word for it

“Kalungi's SEO content team set out to accomplish dominance in our space in a short time-frame. By collaborating with our SMEs and applying an aggressive and comprehensive approach to content creation and optimization we were able to reach our goals quickly and effectively. Not only are we driving prospects to our website, but they are spending significant time exploring our content. We have gained visibility and credibility through this effort.”

The challenge

One Click Contractor’s old website received steady traffic, as well as conversions, but the website was not optimized for search engines and conversions. While the old website received traffic from referral sources, organic traffic and conversion rates were low, and the pages they had ranking in the top 10 search results for target keywords were almost non-existent. Much of OCC's sales relied on event marketing and word of mouth.

The objective

One Click Contractor decided it was time to bring in outside help - and that's when they turned to Kalungi.

Kalungi's team developed a content plan designed to complement and support the launch of their new website to drive traffic numbers and build authority, all while converting new users and generating sales. This plan included thorough SEO research, optimization and refinement of current webpage content, and a new, consistent content publishing plan designed to increase engagement and result in a higher conversion rate.

What Kalungi's team delivered

On July 21st, 2023, Kalungi’s team launched One Click Contractor’s new website with a focus on a streamlined user experience, plus a new logo and complete branding package.

However, launching the website was just the first step in a complete plan to create increased traffic and a greater number of conversions, including:

  • Keyword research: The content and SEO teams dove deep into understanding One Click Contractor’s industry, the company’s competition, and their target audience. Clusters of relevant keywords were created that would speak to One Click’s primary audience, answering relevant questions, and establishing One Click as an authority within their niche.
  • Content creation: Kalungi’s content team crafted blog posts twice per week, targeting the keywords that the SEO team had established as high-quality. The blogs were created to be engaging, relevant, and timely in order to increase audience engagement and conversion rates.
  • Content optimization: Concurrent with creating new blog content, the team optimized over 100 blogs already existing on the site. Optimizations included updates to the metadata, keyword density, readability, and addition of specific calls-to-action to encourage reader engagement.
  • Technical SEO: As part of the relaunch, the website underwent a thorough audit and updates on the technical front. Broken and orphaned pages were fixed or removed, images were optimized for fast loading, and redirects were implemented to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Social Media: A social media calendar was implemented across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Posts included both static and video content and provided educational and promotional material, often showcasing the newly launched website and blogs.

Quantifiable results for One Click Contractor

1. Enhanced online visibility

  • Monthly organic user sessions increased by 1,000 users every month in the six months following the launch of the new website—a 12.5% total increase. In addition, the website saw no loss of user traffic during the launch.
  • Ranking keywords increased significantly: Comparing One Click Contractor’s ranking keywords at time of website launch vs. the end of the following six month period, the website was ranking for 6x the number of keywords on the first page of Google search results, as well as a massive 300% increase in keywords ranking within the first 100 spots.
  • Notably, before the website's launch, One Click did not rank in the top three spots of Google for any keywords. Six months after the website's launch, it now ranks in the top three spots for two high-quality and relevant target keywords.

2. Increased lead quality and sales pipeline growth

  • Because of Kalungi’s focus on targeting the right audience and encouraging conversion with relevant, quality content, One Click’s marketing qualified leads (MQLs) from organic sources soared with an increase of 164%.
  • One Click saw a massive 37% increase in email subscribers from organic sources.

Future projections and long-term benefits

With continued effort in content research and production, One Click Contractor can expect continued and sustained growth. Having built a new website focused on user experience, coupled with a solid knowledge base and consistent content creation and publishing efforts, their content is now built to continually reinforce their expertise in their niche.

As website authority grows alongside knowledgeable content, their audience and organic session numbers will grow. So too will their leads and conversions, thanks to the implementation of easy calls to action, such as buttons and forms implemented on each blog.

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