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Not-for-profit gets the most out of their marketing dollars with Kalungi


As with most change, it happens by degrees, not overnight. Though with the right guidance, some changes can happen quicker than others. That holds true for educational pursuits and marketing excellence.


Degrees of Change is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping diverse, under-represented homegrown leaders succeed in college and use their degrees to build more vibrant and equitable communities.


This unique engagement matches a cutting-edge marketing approach with not-for-profit desire to be sustainability-focused rather than revenue-focused.  While their goals are lofty, their operating budget—as with most not-for-profits—is not. Which is how they came to work with Kalungi to stretch their marketing dollars.


Kalungi: Marketing expertise and value


“Kalungi provided tremendous value by consolidating marketing efforts,” said Jake Fournier, Chief Technology Officer at Degrees of Change. “Our budget went much further than I could have hoped given the wide-ranging expertise on their team. Kalungi  provided us with far-reaching, multi-tenant value that I couldn’t have afforded otherwise.”


Typically, Kalungi works with B2B SaaS companies to scale their marketing departments as their companies grow. The agency has helped more than two dozen such firms establish their respective brand look and feel, plus positioning and messaging, as well as inbound, outbound, and go-to-market strategies.


Now other companies—including healthcare organizations and not-for-profits—are benefiting from the agency’s go-to-market, templated approach.  


A complete marketing package


“It’s been great to have good folks to work with that know their stuff and are helping us push forward in an unpredictable environment,” explained Fournier. “If I stack up deliverables, end-to-end, and then think about the dollars that are spent on the same marketing efforts in other organizations, there’s no comparison—especially with the high quality and speed of work provided.”


Kalungi helped Degrees of Change in three main areas. Develop a new look and feel for the brand, create an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign, and provide marketing leadership that would help the organization transition to its own marketing team.

“Saying what’s the most valuable thing Kalungi’s done for us is tough because it’s a comprehensive package,” continued the technology officer. “There’s value in the content and the process; not to mention the HubSpot configuration and execution which is a little of both as well.


“But I’m a ‘shiny object’ guy so, if I had to pick the key deliverable, I definitely like the rebranding and product naming effort. The process to develop a new logo and look that our founder could embrace was effective. It was fast. It helped us move forward. The design, colors, going through the domain search. Having somebody do that so quickly and affordably was key to meeting timeline goals and making budget.


Helping clients level up


“A close second place for me would be the competitor analysis. Kalungi used simple processes to show what our key differentiators are and where we will stand in the future [when successful] and where we stand right now compared to our competitors.


“Kalungi took some of our folks who don’t have expertise in marketing and surfaced their wisdom and their experience in a way that helped move our product understanding forward. That was extremely valuable and was part of my favorite outcomes. I still reference that slide deck daily.


“Pretty phenomenal”


Up next for Kalungi is to help Degrees of Change develop its own marketing department and implement the ABM campaign. Together the agency and organization expect continued success.


“For the sake of our mission, we need to hold ourselves to a high standard,” admitted Fournier. “Overall, given the context of what we had to work with, I think we accomplished a lot. To get everything out of this engagement that we have has been pretty phenomenal.”

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