Marketing is a broad discipline that spans from Art to Science. While you will not have a need for all the below skills on an ongoing basis, you do need some of these for specific projects.

We bring a network of trustworthy, proven professionals who all have experience supporting SaaS Marketing Teams.

We don't subcontract any resources for you. We are your CMO, and as such, we will hire any contractors or vendors for you as we would as we would be on your payroll. We don't get commission from people we reccomend, and we also consider any other great candidate.

Our network is just there to speed things up as needed. These are all real people we know and who have proven themselves on our teams.

Copy Writing & Messaging
SEM Specialist
SEO Specialist
Marketing Automation
Content Marketing
Strategy and Positioning
Product Design
Social Media
Strategy & Go-To-Market
Dashboard & Analytics
Product Management
Market Research
Analyst Relationships
Web Developer
Billing & Activation Systems
Pitching & Finding the Messaging
Channel & Partner Development
Video Production
Movie Director
Case Studies
Event Planning
Music & Audio
Customer Voice
Channel Marketing

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