Join us December 7th, 2021 at 1 PM PST and learn the essential steps to forming your go-to-market strategy

Are you selling to the right customers? How can you make sure your product stands out from the crowd? How can you balance speed and sustainability as your company grows? How will you go about finding out?

Whether you are still trying to find Product Market Fit or are simply looking to ramp up your marketing function, establishing your go-to-market strategy should be your first step. In this webinar, B2B SaaS specialist CMO, Brian Graf, will walk you through the building blocks and essential exercises that make up a successful GTM approach.

  • Craft a unique positioning and messaging guide
  • Segment your total addressable market (TAM), serviceable addressable market (SAM), and servicable obtainable market (SOM)
  • Plan your approach: What channels will you be targeting? Where can you find your audience?
  • Find your competitive edge and learn how to use it to your advantage
  • Plot your course for market exploration and expansion

Bring your questions! This webinar will include a live Q&A session with Brian to answer any questions you have on GTM strategy and best practices.

Get key insights on building a successful marketing strategy from a B2B SaaS marketing pro

Brian Graf

Webinar Brian

A strategic marketing leader who has managed teams in a diverse range of industries and company sizes, Brian's focus on combining high-level strategy and leadership with tactical execution has allowed him to successfully lead the go-to-market strategies of multiple B2B SaaS companies.

From positioning and messaging to event support, product announcements, and channel-spend optimizations, and generating qualified leads and brand awareness, his experiences in SaaS marketing have allowed him to hone his unique, proven approach to go-to-market strategy.

Go-to-market workshops hosted
QoQ customer growth for Zippity
B2B SaaS marketing teams led
Increase in MQLs for Clearwave

Some of Brian's incredible clients

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