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Foodservice supply chain software company turns to Kalungi to increase marketing inventory


As the only end-to-end supply chain software solution for the foodservice industry, ArrowStream knows how important it is to have product and inventory where you need it and when.

But when it came to their own company, their marketing “inventory” was lagging behind their product development. Put another way, there was a gap in their own marketing supply chain.


A need for marketing help

“Product marketing was a huge gap,” explained Kate Hubbard, ArrowStream’s Director of Marketing. “Just having one person in marketing—me—forced us to be more tactical than strategic, because if I wasn’t doing something, it wasn’t getting done.”

Which led ArrowStream to Kalungi, an agency that specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies scale their marketing departments as they grow themselves.


An army of people at your disposal

“We went from having no support to suddenly, you flip a switch, and we have an army of people working on a ton of different initiatives,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of the company. “We’re definitely attacking things across a number of different fronts: fixing the website, working on our lists, setting up campaigns, and making sure that those campaigns are aligned with our inside sales organization.”

“Having Kalungi help us expand on a lot of the programs that we had started in the last two years was really beneficial,” added Kate. “We were able to create new programs as well. There were things we really wanted to do in the last two years and couldn’t because of bandwidth but were able to achieve them in the first couple months with Kalungi. We have seen improvement in every area of marketing that Kalungi has touched.”


Getting ahead of product development

“Doing campaigns across multiple products and stakeholder groups, going after suppliers versus chains with different messaging, Kalungi got up to speed quickly across multiple areas,” said Dave. “We’re now able to get ahead of the product team and get materials in the hands of the sales team in advance of the product being launched.”

“In addition,” continued Kate, “the sheer number of resources that we have available to us now has just been incredible. And it’s not just marketing using Kalungi’s expertise, it’s other departments that are asking if there is an expert at Kalungi who could help, too.


“We’ve created a more structured process for tracking and building out our general marketing function. Everything has moved out of my head now and into action. Which is a great relief.

“Take the response to some of our content for instance. In just one month my LinkedIn account has seen an increase of 50% in supply-chain followers. That was an unexpected win in my eyes.

“I rely heavily on the Kalungi team specifically in the day-to-day. It sounds so simple, but just having other marketers to bounce ideas off of or to provide me with feedback on something I am working on, that was something that I did not have prior to working with them.”


A broad array of services

“I would recommend Kalungi,” said Dave. “And the more time a management team is willing to invest in them, the better the output’s going to be.”

“I agree with Dave. I’d recommend them, too,” echoed Kate. “They’re a great group.

“I’ve worked with several agencies in my career, but there might be areas of marketing that they outsource to a third party. I’ve never worked with an agency that’s so broad in terms of expertise as Kalungi. Having the broad array of services in a single agency is a significant benefit from a client perspective.”

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