Product Evangelist Job Description

Stijn Hendrikse
Feb 25, 2019

One of the key roles to hire early for your B2B SaaS Company is the person to drive Product training- & content. You need Demos and great Sales Videos. Your buyers' journey needs to be supported with Webinars. If you consider attending Tradeshows you need someone to be at the booth. This role also supports more product-specific sales calls. I prefer this role to be an extrovert who loves your product and loves to be on stage. Their first love needs to be to work with customers every day.

Are you the right fit?

  • You’re our sales team’s best friend. You make sure they have everything they need to turn leads into sales and to do outbound prospecting. Battle cards, prospect ready videos, conversion tips and tricks, FAQs, product teasers, facts & figures, and other great funnel catalysts.
  • You’re our rockstar on stage. You build videos, organize webinars and deliver demos as great performances to show the world how awesome our solutions are. Your face will be part of the Invisible brand as you’ll be on the screen of our users as they onboard and use our products.
  • Sales will involve you as their secret weapon to bring in the largest deals using your charm and product expertise, wrapped in a great show. You can build rapport with users of our service, and behave at the highest level when engaging with enterprise clients.
  • Video content, podcasts, customer interviews, and social media engagement are what you do every day. You live in digital media. Building your own radio show does not scare you. You can interview others and use your curiosity and empathy with other people to become the stars of the show.
  • Customers will remember your name. You’ll be the person they remember and want to see again. You get our community to love what we have to offer and become a community who engages with us. You’ll be owning a lot of our social media engagements with our digital audiences.
  • Your KPIs are growing “Engaged Advocates” (people who use, like and share using our product), conversions, ARPU and reviews of your events.

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