5 Books Every SaaS CMO Should Read

Stijn Hendrikse
May 23, 2019

What are the essential readings for a SaaS CMO?

There are multiple marketing disciplines that will cross the path of a modern SaaS Marketing Leader.

Here are the top five "must read books" that you cannot skip:

  • This is Marketing - Seth Godin - The foundation of modern marketing and content (video).
  • Building a Story Brand - Donald Miller - This book forces you to nail a simple version of your Positioning and Branding. It gets you started quickly with a solid foundation for the content on your website, your email campaigns and product branding (video).
  • Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey Moore - A classic that is foundational for every Technology Marketing Executive getting to Product-Market-Fit and to Scale (video)
  • Start with Why - Simon Sinek's high impact work on driving Strategy from the essence of your customer's values and your own (video).
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman - 528 pages of wisdom and insights from the inventors of the field of Behavioral Science. All books that came after, around the way people make decisions, price psychology, consumer behavior, and preferences, are grounded in this masterpiece (video).

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